Getting Your Small Bakery Off The Ground: Marketing Strategies For You

Posted on: 18 August 2015

When you decide to open your small business bakery, your first major concern is to ensure that your baked goods are the best around. However, after you have your products down, the other half of the equation takes prevalence. This is, of course, the need for customers, and a lot of them. In order to get customers, you need to design a marketing campaign that will draw them in. So, get to know some of the ways that you can begin your marketing campaign that will not cost you a great deal of money but will bring in the customers that you need for your bakery to get off the ground. 

Put Social Media to Good Use

You likely have social media accounts of your own personal use. However, social media is also one of the least expensive ways that you can begin your marketing campaign for your bakery. Create pages and accounts devoted to your business and then invite all of your friends, family, and contacts to like or join the page.

Be sure when you create your social media accounts for your bakery that you include pictures of your best products. Additionally, do not just create the pages and let them sit without updating them.

Create campaigns and ads that link to your page. You also need to post new information and images regularly. You can even offer a special deal or discount for people who come in to the bakery and mention your posts. 

Be Sure Your Marketing Materials Are Integrated

One mistake that many businesses make is to have completely separate digital and physical marketing materials and campaigns. Your social media pages and accounts, website, flyers, business cards, and logo on your physical bakery should all go together and coordinate properly. 

If you hire a digital marketing company to help you, you can ensure that every marketing campaign and material you have go together. Be sure when you hire the company, however, that you have a solid idea of your business style before they start.

One of the best things you can do is to bring in samples or images of your baked goods (fully decorated, of course), so that they can design your marketing materials around the appearance and appeal of your products. This will ensure that the customers you attract will be pleased with the ambiance of your business as well as the products you offer.

Now that you have a few ideas about how to market your small bakery, you can get started. Remember to hire a digital marketing service to help you if you are not fully confident in your marketing abilities.