Questions To Ask Developers Before Hiring Them To Design Your Custom Software

Posted on: 25 May 2016

You might be investigating custom software to help your business run more effectively. Custom software that is developed specifically for your company can allow you and your employees to complete tasks more quickly because it is formulated only for your specific needs. However, if you have never contracted a company to do this type of work, you might not know the right questions to ensure that you select a web design firm that can give you what you need. Here are just a few questions you can ask to get  a better idea of whether their company is a natural fit for your needs.   

Which Companies in my Industry Have You Worked For?

While you may assume that any web development and design firm can come up with the kind of software you need, it is smart to seek out ones that understand the terminology and needs of those in your industry. That way, the web developers can be more sensitive to the needs that you might have. If you fail to hire a company that has some experience in your field, it may take longer to get the software completed, as you'll have to explain basic concepts and terms.

While you might not be able to ask about specific custom software packages they designed for other companies, you can certainly ask about the companies a firm has done work for to ensure that they have some knowledge of your business.

Can You Also Design a Training Platform?

Having the custom software installed might not be foremost in your mind. In fact, you might think that's the last step. However, like anything new, it will need some getting used to and you need to have a development and design firm that can continue to work with you until all the problems are worked out.

In fact, it is wise to ask the developers to design a training platform for the software. For example, the training platform might be right on the computer screen after the machine is booted up. The employees can then have the option of entering a training module or going right into the software itself.

Adding a training platform may cost additional money, but if everyone has an opportunity to go through the training modules, you can be sure of their abilities, unlike when you hire new employees who claim knowledge of existing software packages. You can be more confident that everyone has achieved the same level of understanding and you can verify how many training modules they've gone through and passed.

Custom designed software can give your company a great opportunity to work more efficiently. Just use the questions listed in this article to select a web design company that can offer you a comprehensive package. Consult a number of design and development firms in the area so that you can choose the most suitable one.