Boost The Response Rate Of Your Marketing Emails With These 3 Simple Tips

Posted on: 27 January 2017

Whether you are the marketing manager of a large ecommerce corporation or the owner of a small online business just trying to get the word out about your company, email marketing is likely something that has come up. While most businesses do at least try to implement email marketing strategies into their business plan, few actually do so in a way which leads to substantial changes in web traffic. 

So how do you ensure that the effort you put into creating and sending marketing emails actually generates a response? There are a few simple tips that can help you out with email marketing.

Remember, it's all in the subject line. 

It's the first thing people see when they realize they have just received an email from you, and it can make all the difference between whether the email ever actually gets opened. In fact, if this one simple line is not right, your marketing email could be on a one-way trip to the trash. So, in just a few words, you need to make sure you convey the right message to entice the recipient to actually open the email.

Eliminate anything remotely resembling spam in your marketing emails. 

If there is one thing you don't want as a business owner or marketer, it is for one of your emails to be flagged as spam by a sender. If the email is flagged as spam, this means any future emails will never be seen at all.  Avoiding being marked as spam is all about making sure your email subject line and body are free from anything that would give a spammy impression. For example, you should:

  • Make sure your email is free from typos and errors
  • Avoid the overuse of words like "free"
  • Skip out on the use of special characters, such as in $ave Big $$$!! 
  • Never include curse words or anything which could be deemed derogatory

Cut the small talk and get straight to the point.

Customer inboxes are flooded daily with emails, and the average person will only spend a few minutes checking their email before moving onto something else. If you send out a marketing email that requires the recipient to wade through three paragraphs of text to find out what you are saying, it is highly likely they will just move on. Your marketing emails should be clear-cut and direct. It is a good idea to make it known what you want right from the subject line. And, as soon as the recipient opens the email, they should know within a few words the gist of what it is you have to say.

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