How To Clarify The Message Of Your Business With Storybrand Website Examples

Posted on: 7 January 2021

If you want to get the most from your marketing efforts, an attractive and easy-to-navigate website design is important. Your website's design also needs to provide visitors with an attractive vision and story for your brand. This is why the storybrand website framework has become popular. The following storybrand website framework can be great solutions to get more from your marketing efforts:

Building the Character to Sell Your Brand

Start a storyboard framework by building a character to represent your brand. This should be a character that relates to your client base and not your business. There are some elements to consider when developing your character, including:

  • Create relatable personas
  • Make the character separate from your brand
  • Develop the problems that characters need solving
  • Create an outline to guide the character around the website

Your character will be used in other aspects of the storybrand website framework. This is the character that will follow visitors from the landing page to the call-to-action.

Solving Real World Problems with Solutions

The character that you have developed needs to have a problem. This is the next page in your storybrand framework. The goal is to develop a character with a problem that your brand can solve. Some examples of solving problems with storybrand website characters include:

  • Finding the right products for e-Commerce
  • Giving the characters the services they need
  • Providing options to get the information they need

The problems your brand solves for the character will help provide visitors a clear picture. This will make them more likely to click the call-to-action.

Giving Visitors Examples of Real-World Outcomes

The character you have built for the storybrand has tried your solution. Now, it is time to create examples of real-world outcomes, including:

  • Products that were more than expected
  • Services that customers were happy with
  • Examples of solutions that just solved a problem

The results of the solution can include testimonials from real customers. They should also have humanizing aspects. These examples can be how your brand finds the solution after the first efforts didn't pay off.

Providing Solutions for Visitors Solve Their Own Problems

The last step in the process should be the call-to-action. With storybrand website designs, these CTAs (Call to Action) should solve the customers' problems. You will want to provide several options with different actions that they can complete. This can include some of the following actions that the customer can complete:

  • Options to buy products
  • Multiple contact solutions (forms, numbers, and addresses)
  • Provide newsletters and other incentives

Giving customers more options for a call-to-action will ensure problems are solved. You want to offer solutions that are right for your brand and the client without cluttering the clean storybrand website design.

The storybrand website design will help build brand recognition to get more from marketing investments. Contact a company like BrandNerd to learn more about your options.