How To Leverage Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Posted on: 15 December 2021

Digital marketing is an investment in a business. If you're going to approach marketing in the digital sphere, you'll want to see a respectable return. How do you leverage these business marketing solutions? A digital marketing agency typically uses these four tools to make the most of its clients' efforts.

Analytics Tools

As with any marketing plan, you can't grow what you're not measuring. Digital marketing services firms rely on analytics software to provide decision-making data. A good analytics package can tell a business marketing company how well a campaign is attracting viewers, producing conversions, and building return sales.

Likewise, it should provide analytics across digital platforms.  For example, you don't want to deal with one package to see how your social media feeds are doing and another to check up on app performance. Everything should be thoroughly integrated with a single dashboard that provides data, analysis, and reports.

Digital Marketing Channels

A marketing strategy services firm sees different digital platforms as channels. Each marketing channel has its virtues, just like you'd see with print, TV, and radio in traditional formats. You want to establish your presence on social media as a channel, and the same applies to content and ads on blogs, video-sharing sites, websites, apps, streaming services, and so on.

Setting up your strategy based on channels will make it easier to tie analytics data to results. Also, you'll be able to tailor strategies to the platforms. An accident law firm might use social media to do quick data drops about drunk driving incidents during the holidays, for example. Conversely, they likely would use their blog to cover in-depth topics.


You will also want to develop audience categories. These may be demographic, but you might want to get more granular than the traditional age and income numbers. In digital marketing, you'll see demographics like influencers and followers. A marketing effort may focus on influencers because those folks can bring along followers. Attracting the right audience can have compound effects, especially if you create shareable marketing content that generates free or cost-effective buzz.


One of the joys of digital marketing solutions is they provide fast feedback. You will quickly get an idea of how well a message is performing. Likewise, the analytics will tell you clicks with your message. This allows a digital marketing agency to rapidly refine your campaigns and narrow down which pitches work well. Ideally, the refinements can become a process where returns build on previous successes.