What Information Should You Collect For Consumer Intelligence?

Posted on: 7 July 2022

For your online marketing process, you may find it necessary to collect information for consumer intelligence purposes. While this idea might be a no-brainer, you may have some concerns about what kind of information you may need.

Consumer intelligence is crucial to developing a marketing plan. These are some of the types of data you should collect as part of your consumer intelligence data.


Gender is one data point you may want to gather so that you can determine who is more likely to use your product or service. Studies have shown that there are differences in how men and women use the internet, so this data can be very useful if you have an online business, for example.


Age is another data point you may want to collect. Different age groups tend to use the internet differently, and you may want to market for the age group that you are missing with your current tactics, for instance.


Collecting data about income will help you understand what your target market can afford. This will help you determine what type of product or service you can offer and how to price it. You also know what kind of sale price is going to be most effective.


Collect data to understand where your target market is located. This will help you determine how to reach them with your marketing efforts. For example, a target market in California is going to respond differently than a market in Connecticut.


The language will help you determine what language to use in your marketing materials. It can also help you understand what type of slang or jargon is being used in your target market. For example, you may want to be careful with jargon if you are trying to appeal to a market that speaks English as a second language.

Behavioral Patterns

These patterns can help you understand how your target market behaves. For example, if you know that your target market is mostly made of early adopters, you may want to use a different marketing strategy than if your target market is made of people who tend to wait before buying new tech.

Start Collecting Data Today

Now that you know what types of data you should collect for consumer intelligence, it's time to start collecting it. The sooner you start, the sooner you will learn about your target market.